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Shaping the Future of the low carbon economy

B-Products are an innovation-led start-up using industrial and commercial by-product and transforming them into a new cost-effective bioplastic.

We as consumers have become over-dependent on products that are manufactured from petroleum. Population growth and demand for single-use plastic packaging, is resulting in a real-time environmental crisis. This is shifting more responsibility on companies to find more innovative solutions to these challenges. 


Bioplastics are a sustainable and renewable alternative to the use of plastic products. Our mission is to develop a new cost-effective bioplastic that can be used in food retail packaging. We aim to do this by using organic feedstocks that currently end up as landfill waste.  By reducing organic by-product waste, and single-use plastic production, we can also help the UK become a low carbon economy










Beech Products strategies will help mitigate the effects of plastic pollution and steer the UK towards circular business

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